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Gere & Freke

Plama Pub ( Spot Pub), Nowy Targ – the cradle of sheepskin coats; people with their passions and dreams, sitting, talking and bang –  the idea of creating Gere&Freke arises.

We decided to change the old fashioned sheepskins coats into  modern and elegant  style. We asked local furriers – our friends –  to get involved in our project.

Our products are hand made, according to innovative tradition of our furriers, but only of high quality skins from Spain and Italy. They are definately better than Polish heavy skins, especially when you take into consideration contemporary climate.

While designing our products we drew our inspiration from both Nordic culture and Skandinavian style – very modern one. We were enchanted but these styles when we visited Norway and Finland.  The details are chosen with great care, they are made of silver and  stainless steel; we also use special Swarovski’s crystals. All these aspects make our products unique.

Our logo is designed by Gabriel Szyrszeń – also our friend, and artist. Wolf as our logo was not chosen accidentally.  It fully  reflects the spirit both  of our company and our future customers – poeple who are full of passion, people who will not submit to anything.


Each sheepskin coat has got a beautiful piece of embroidery – logo of Gere&Freke – which is a head of a howling wolf.  The embroidery is decorated with Swarovski’s crystal – pastel colours for women, and darker for men. These crystals come from the newest collection XIRIUS.

Also each right sleeve is decorated by a delicate embroidery.

Inside the coat there is a tag with Gere and Freke plus a quote which will give you pause for thought. What quote? See for yourself! Aren’t we all a bit wolves in sheep’s clothing?

All our timlesss quality  products are equipped with high quality zippers, and hangers made of stainless steel which are definately indestructible.

As we all are big children we want you to have fun when unpacking your sheepskin coats. Each coat is accompanied by a big box which can be used for many years and also by a cover.

The icing on the cake is a special, beautiful seal made by our friend Gabriela Szyrszenia. Each seal is a unique, small masterpiece.

Each sheepskin coat has its hologram, and a unique serial number – identical with the number on the certifiacte of authenticity.

We are sure that our customers will be fully satisfied with all the products and details we prepared – as they are made of high quality materials. We hope that our brand Gere&Freke will make you be over the moon.


Music by Zergananda